The date format looks wrong in global bank transfer section

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Hi Payoneer Team,
I just installed the mobile app. looks good. Just found the date format looks wrong in global bank transfer section.
Your mobile device and operating system
Android 4.2.1
Your country
Type of bug (i.e.: technical issue, typo, UI, user experience, etc)
Date Format & Typo
Detailed explanation of the bug
In the transaction list, the date seems like dd/mm/yyyy, when i click the item, i see the detail page, the format of date looks good, it's mm/dd/yyyy.
Also, in transaction detail page, at the bottom section, the "date" should be "Payment ID".
Steps to reproduce (if relevant)
Login -> Account Selector -> Global Bank Transfer -> Account Information -> View Transactions or Payment History.
Screenshot (you can attach this as a file, only if relevant)
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    Thanks for reporting! We will be sure to correct this in a future update to the app.

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