Debit Card and Balance Expiration Question

hsnftabhsnftab Posts: 1Member

Just wanted to know if my payoneer card expires, does my payoneer card balance expire with it?


  • Bilal SheikhBilal Sheikh Online Freelancer Posts: 92VIP Member ✭✭

    No, You'll never lost your money if your Card expired.


    Generally, Payoneer send notice/email to cardholders that their Card is going to be expired. And the email generally sent before 3 months of Card expire. Also available a link in your "My Account" page to order a replacement Card.


    If you did not request for a new Card, please request soon. Although your Card is expired, your money is still in your account, and when a new Card issued and activated then all your money transfered to new Card.


    So, there is no worry !

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