How To Retrieve Payoneer Password and Login?

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I wanted to check my transaction history in payoneer, however, I cannot login. I used the email address I signed up with, and it is asking for active method of payment (card ending number). I do not recall if I ever entered a card linking to my payoneer account. Now, my account is locked, and I cannot retrieve my password.


Also, if the payoneer card has not been loaded/used in 5 months, can I still withdraw earnings from odesk? I had a payment coming in, and I received an email saying it was loaded, but I want to make sure.


What are the hidden fees in payoneer? I am not able to withdraw the full amount that was credited to me.


Thank you and prompt reply would be highly appreciated.


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    The last 4 digits of your card are those of your Payoneer card. Please contact customer support with this issue so they can unlock it:


    Regarding your other questions, if a card has been inactive for a prolonged period of time it may be blocked for inactivity. Any funds you may have on it are still there but if it is indeed blocked you won't be able to use it until it is unblocked, and for that you need to contact customer support as well.


    There are no hidden fees, you can see all your fees and pricing details in your online account.


    Please contact customer support regarding your locked account and they will assist you.


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    Thank you. :)

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