Payoneer for Google Merchant/Wallet

PinoyPinoy Posts: 8Member

I am from the Philippines and I am not allowed to create a seller account on Google Wallet.


So I am thinking of forming an LLC in the US and use that company to open a Google Wallet account and then Use the card/banking details provided by payoneer. 


Can anyone confirm if this will work?


  • PinoyPinoy Posts: 8Member

    Anyone from the staff?

  • FlowerPowerFlowerPower Posts: 39Member ✭✭
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    You are opening a can of worms there in respect of taxation and Google's T&C's. This is not the place to get advice on these matters.


    The best suggestion I can offer is to find an alternative - this could be Paypal, Worldpay, 2CO or a merchant facility with a Philippines bank. Merchant services is a complex and highly regulated area fraught with traps for the unwary and people to try and 'beat the system'. Just Mastercard's merchant approval and operational procedures manual (available from their website) is over 1,200 pages.


    Setting up a company in another country with a different language and laws is not be taken lightly. Multi-national companies have teams of lawyers/accountants to work through this sort of stuff.

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