how can i delete/disable my account

mp2003mp2003 Member Posts: 1

hi there i hope that every one is fine
i want to disable/delete my account/card
how can i do that? , i didn't find any option in my account MainPage


  • MuhamedMuhamed Member Posts: 11 ✭✭

    Hello mp2003

    Hmm please think much before close you account on Payoneer.
    I don't know reason for what you want to close you account , but i recommend not to close the account.

    However if you are sure to close the account click on this link:

    All the best mp2003.

  • vampyvampy Member Posts: 3
    How delete my payoneer comunity acount?
    How delete my payoneer card bank acount if i font have card no email old and pasword?so how deleted that bank acount?t
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