Online Cargo Booking payments

The question here is twofold:
A) Has anyone ever heard of booking FTL Cargo Transport Online - if so via which website


B) What kind of payment methods are most likely included?  Is it just via Credit Card or what can one expect?


  • SoHo
    SoHo Member Posts: 3

    Never really heard about it as it's not my sector at all but I've seen an ad concerning this recently, I think it was Hartl Connect or sth. like that.

    I have no experience with transportation companies but I guess it's likely to be Credit Card or simply getting a bill you have to pay for

  • paymepal
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    Thank you for your answer... I started to think that no one was interested / involved in the business!

    I have heard of them - you are the second person to mention the company - was trying to get so actual feedback meaning people that have used the company, but perhaps I am in the wrong forum! At least some people have heard of it! ,)