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Phishing Alert! Important - Please Read

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Hi Everyone,

We've just recently been made aware of a phishing attempt targeting Payoneer account holders via e-mail. The e-mail falsely claims that your card has been deactivated, and directs you to a phony website designed to mirror that of Payoneer's official website, in an attempt to access your personal account information.

If you receive this e-mail, DO NOT download the file or follow the link! Please remember that all genuine Payoneer e-mails are sent from an address, and your account can only be accessed via Payoneer's official website,

Payoneer has contacted the relevant authorities and is working with the best services available to have this shut down as soon as possible. If you've already downloaded this file and/or entered your account information, please contact our Customer Support department right away at

Following is an example of this phishing attempt. Note how the e-mail address is not an official address, and that the message requires you download a file directing you to a server/website other than Again, DO NOT download this file or or give out your personal account details. For more details on how to prevent phishing and identity theft, check out our blog post about it via this link.

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  • NissimNissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 4,013 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Update: The websites and servers connected to this phishing attack have been taken down. Thanks to everyone who shared this post and notified their friends and colleagues :)

    Once again, if you believe your Payoneer account details may be compromised, please change your password as soon as possible by logging in to your My Account page, and then contact our Customer Support department for more information.
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