My Payoneer card was charged with no authorization

today i bought a domain name from network solutions in $0.50 everything was happening smoothly. also i didn't picked up the option to renew automatically neither any kind of services. they confirmed my order and registered the domain .

So when i went to my payoneer account then i was shocked that it charged me $0.50 + $11.97 without my authorization. i just bought the domain and they charged me without my permission for other services. Instantly i called them and told them the whole thing and they told me that they will refund the money in 7-8 businesses days. Te=hey are like thieves. i searched for network solution problem and found that many peoples are tricked by network solutions. Their credit card is also charged without their permission. SO they are thieves.

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So all i am asking is how to block or remove the network solutions guys to charge my payoneer account as this is really not cool ?They are charging money without any authorization. also they don't have any options to remove the credit card details 

so please tell my the way to remove or block them for future unwanted charges ?


please please please


  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭

    Hi - please contact customer support about these unauthorized charges immediately!

    1-­(646) 386-­2434 (The line is available 24/7) 


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