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I have a problem, I need (urgently) a credit card to pay for Adobe Creative Cloud in USA at a discount price (I have a discount). I am based in UK and I don't have US bank account or Paypal. I thought I'd be able to connect my UK Paypal account with Payoneer, but I think it is not possible. Am I missing something? Please help if you could. 


PS> I know that I could load Payoneer card with my private funds using a Visa or Mastercard, but I'm only allowed to do so once my Payoneer starts receiving funds from various sources, which is not going to happen soon in my case. So my balance is zero and I need Adobe CC! 


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    You cannot use the private loading service before you're actively receiving payments. In any case, the private loads service is not meant for you to load your own card, but to receive payments from other clients you might have who want to pay privately.


    You can try verifying your USPS and adding the details to your PayPal, but again - payments from PayPal that you transfer to Payoneer should also be for payroll payments.


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