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I don't like to post about such things in forums, but this is my last hope after all other tries to receive a response from Payoneer Support failed!


My card is expiring in September. I received an email that explained, there should be a link in the login area to click to receive the new card. Unfortunately, even I have been trying several times to find that link, it wasn't there. I could confirm that after a search and finding a screenshot that was showing where it would be - there was no link. Since a month now I tried some times to contact customer support, but have not received any response back.


I'm a freelancer and I have to receive money again from such a platform supporting Payoneer, but I can't because who knows what will happen with the money once the card expires.


So, what do I have to do to finally receive my new card, when customer support is not responding to my tickets? I have been using the "Contact us" form in the login area, with no luck for any response so far.



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    Sorry to hear that, i have the same problem myself. I've tried everything to receive a response ...

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    Hi kdimi - I see that you've been in contact with us and your replacement card has been ordered and is estimated to arrive between 20 Sep 2013 and 27 Sep 2013.

    I'm sorry for any delay or inconvenience you have experienced and hope everything is resolved now.


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    I have 2 questions:
    1. My card expires next September 2015 and I will be travelling in the next months, starting in May and probabely until my card expires. How should I proceed to receive a new card before I start travelling and without loosing control of my account? (I mean, having my current card valid until I receive a new one)
    2. May I ask for an additional card for my wife? Fees?
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    Your questions should be addressed to our support team: https://payoneer.custhelp.com/app/Contact_us
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