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Greetings Payoneer Community!

My name is Ryan from the Philippines and I just registered here few minutes ago..

I really want to sign up for a Payoneer card but I have a major problem. I'm already 20 years old so I signed up using my personal info.

In the Personal Verification, I have to verify using a government-issued ID.

But these are the problems:


1. Driver's License - I don't have a car yet. (So obviously, I don't have my driver's license for now)

My father has a car. Do you think I can use my father's driver's license information?
2. Passport - I haven't tried to visit overseas. So I still don't have a passport.
3. National ID - There's no such thing as National ID here in the Philippines. (I think we're the only country in the world who don't have a National ID! -.-")
The only government-issued ID that I have is my Postal ID. But there's no Postal ID option there. I wonder if my Postal ID's number will work if I'll put it in the National ID box. -.-"
What should I do? I really need help!! I hope anyone can help me ASAP.
Thanks in advance.


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    You cannot use your father's driver's license. You can use only your own documents.


    If your ID is government issued you can use this number in the ID field. Please note that we may require further information and verification. The relevant department will contact you in this case.



    Edit: We are only able to support a national ID, driver's license or passport. We do apologize for any confusion caused by the reply above.


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