My first Virtual Bank payment pending approval

IcematikxIcematikx Posts: 5Member

Payment ID: 7744420 Payment Date (EST.): 08/30/2013 16:15
Payment Status:Payment waiting for approvalICO-Pending.png 

Amount to Load: $5594.56 (applicable fees will apply) 
Loader details: Payoneer Direct Deposit Payroll


This is my first payment from Amazon. I usually have the payments received via check, but decided to put my trust in Payoneer to receive them, as I've had nothing but a great experience thus far. 


I read in a previous topic that Nissam was able to speed up the "manual review" process. Is it possible for Nissam or anybody else to speed up the approval process?


I'm a fully verified user, who received a payment from Amazon (on your whitelist), and could use the access to the funds rather immediately.




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