Where Can I find my CVC/CVV code?

Can anyone please help me finding CVC / CVV code? Actually, I went to verify my card to Skrill account. It asks to put the CVV/CVD code. Here is the attachment for your preference.




  • bdplanetbdplanet Posts: 13Member

    oposide site of your card some ambused latter the las 3 digit thats it :P

  • tareqhasantareqhasan Posts: 10Member
    edited September 2013

    I want to be more sure as it does not work. Please, let me more confirm that the 3 digit code is the security code.

    After putting the 3 digit code, it says, transaction failed. What Can I do now? Please, help.



  • bdplanetbdplanet Posts: 13Member

    u need some balance in your card to verify your account on skrill bro e.g $1.3 etc

  • tareqhasantareqhasan Posts: 10Member

    Hey bdplanet, I'll be happy if you kindly accept my skype request.

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