Payoneer - These Are What The Payoneer Community Need From You

I've seen quite a few suggestions occuring frequently and I thought I should put them all in one place. These are what we need:

1. 3D Secure aka Mastercard SecureCode
2. Chip and Pin Support
3. Ability to load the card separately. In other words, segregating the card balance from the main balance.
4. Virtual Credit Card generation facility with fixed amounts for one-time use.

...and here's my own (probably) unique suggestion:

5. Ability to customize your card or choose from different color and/or design variants.

So far we have yet to see any reassuring
moves being made towards implementing these suggestions, even though some of the features above were initially requested years ago. Sites like Entropay and Paxum (both indirect/direct Payoneer competitors) have had one or two of the requested features above for years.

I do believe that Choice Bank Limited (the issuing bank for Payoneer cards) is not yet a participant in the Mastercard SecureCode security bolstering scheme, so it's either they join or Payoneer switches to a different bank that is already a participant. If the latter happens, I would much rather prefer that payoneer goes with a bank headquartered in the US. I'm not 100% in agreement with the act of generating cards from a Belize bank when Payoneer operates in the US.

I know Payoneer is already working towards implementing some of these features. I only hope it would be expedited a bit.


  • Vic
    Vic Member Posts: 63 ✭✭

    I am in total agreement with you! Even though I have not heard anything about Payoneer already working towards implementing any of these ideas....I'm always told they are looking into things like this as future options....maybe you have better info than I!


    I would love to see Payoneer implement lots of things like Paxum or even PayPal and have been suggesting it to them for many tears now but I'm not seeing any movement in that direction! I think if Payoneer isn't willing to make some changes its just a matter of time before Paxum puts them out of business!


    You can see it happening all you have to do is pull up Payoneer's list of partner companies and then go to those companies and look at their payment options and their is Paxum! Payoneer may tell you this isn't hurting their bottom line but I know for a fact that it it because Payoneer has asked for a list of companies I work with more than once! If you have a payment option between payoneer or Paxum why would you choose Payoneer when Paxum can give you so much more!


    You can get a card through Paxum, Virtual card through Paxum plus card to card transfers private loads and more and just for a small fee! Payoneer has private loads BUT you have to collect payments from their partner companies at a set amount in a certain amount of time before you can use it....then they still charge you a fee....whats that all about!!!! So I'm with you


    I think Payoneer will have no choice but to make these changes if the want to stay in business! If more of us that use their partners go to those partners and request them to add paxum as a payment option it will force payoneer to step up!!!

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  • Charles_AI
    Charles_AI Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    @Vic I share your sentiments. I wish we had these features already.
  • Vic
    Vic Member Posts: 63 ✭✭

    Well don't hold your breath till you get them or you will die.....Been trying for over three years now and all I ever get in reply is we are looking to to this for the future.....I'll be dead or payoneer will be out of business before they care enough about their customers to do anything for us!


    Everything they do is for their bottom line....but they just haven't figured out is without us they don't have a business or bottom line!

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  • blogwiz
    blogwiz Member Posts: 7
    I guess this is something payoneer does not want to talk about or they would have a comment! But I have been told by many members payoneer doesn't like negative comments....I guess if someone post bad comments about them then new members will go else where!
  • Nissim
    Nissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,604 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    @blogwiz‌ - we take all feedback into consideration, and are eager to hear all of your comments, even the negative ones.

    Feedback from our community is extremely important and helps us to continue developing our global payment solutions. In regards to this topic, I can say that #2 has been addressed and we now offer an EMV card for countries that require it (or any user that contacts us and requests it).

    In addition, stay tuned for updates in the near future about #3.

    Based on user feedback, we have also introduced new services including our Withdraw to Bank Service, EUR Payment Service, and have some new great services planned for 2015.
  • blogwiz
    blogwiz Member Posts: 7
    Nissim really? You don't mind negative comments? Not even on your Facebook account? Because I have had negative comments removed from there and I have had post removed here when they were negative or asked a question you didn't want others to see!

    Also Nissim alot of us have been requesting for you to become more like PayPal and Paxum for many many years! We have been wanting the ability to sale things from our own sites (basically private loads) for many years now! I know personally I have requested this many many times! From you I get a generic answer saying Payoneer is looking into this and hopes to implement it in the near future! Thing is I have been getting this same reply for around 4 years.......I bet none of those great new services for 2015 will allow us to have funds added to our active cards from some other place than your affiliates!
  • Nissim
    Nissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,604 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    A comment would be removed only if it is offensive/defamatory, containing account specific information (for security concerns) or otherwise in violation of our posting guidelines (such as posts that are off topic or spamming).

    We always do our best not to remove information from our community or social media pages.

    In regards to private loading, it is a very complicated service that can take time to develop. That being said, I just spoke with our product team and it is in the plan for 2015 to improve this service so you can more easily receive payments from non-Payoneer account holders via credit/debit card and other payment methods.