1% Fee On Every Card Transaction

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I am being charged 1% on every transaction. US based business in USD. Yet they are still tagging this as an "international transaction". Here is response from support:

the issuing bank is not in the United States

The Payoneer card is not US based?

IP address is out of the United States and therefore considered an international transaction.

This is a bit of a stretch. No other card that I have ever had ever did this. If its a USD card, and a USD transaction that's that. No extra fee because computer happens to be outside the US. In fact that's a bit silly. 1% is not a lot but it adds up.

Saying that online purchases are free but charging one percent is a bit of a graft if you ask me. Especially using IP location as a bases.

So will all USD purchases made to US based businesses be charged this? 1% is far from free... I'm not even sure how IP even plays into this. Can this be avoided somehow?


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    What you are referring to is called a "cross-border" fee, which is applied by MasterCard. Payoneer doesn't charge this fee, and we don't profit from it. It has nothing to do with IP tracking or physical location.

    A cross-border fee may be applied by MasterCard whenever funds cross borders. Your Payoneer card is issued by Choice Bank in Belize, and as such USD transactions outside the issuing bank's country may be subject to a cross-border fee by MasterCard.

    This is the same for all credit/debit cards.
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    Nissim wrote:

    What you are referring to is called a "cross-border" fee, which is applied by MasterCard.

    Ok, thanks. So because card is based in Belize this will be unavoidable on my end I assume?

    And because of this every transaction will always have the 1% surcharge?

    This is not noted in fee schedule, so I wasn't aware of this

    Thanks again
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    All USD transactions outside of Belize are subject to a cross-border charge imposed by MasterCard. They may not be charged in all cases, however Payoneer does not control this charge, it's enforced by MasterCard.
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    I have two bank accounts and two Payoneer accounts attached to my two different Fiverr accounts. The strange thing happening with me is that when I transfer money from one Fiverr account the transaction is free from Fiverr to Payoneer but from the second account, the transaction fee is %1.
    Plus from the second Payoneer account, Payoneer is charging me 2% withdrawal fee.
    Why is this happening with me?
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    edited February 2019

    Hello @xyzassad

    Are you sure that the fee charged to receive payments from Fiverr is 1%? It sounds like you are rather referring to the fee charged when receiving payments through the Global Payment Service. The withdrawal fee is the same for every account; it is two percent of the total amount.

    The programs you may register for through Fiverr may vary according to the method of payment you choose. I recommend you to directly contact the support in order for a representative to verify your details and provide you with information that is more accurate.

    You can contact the support via chat or email by clicking on the following link by phone at 1-646-658-3695 or by sending a private message via facebook or twitter.

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