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I have a little problem like "the dog turns round to bite the tail"
Recently i have get a Payoneer prepaid credit card, because i don't have credit to reactived my paypal account.
I the process to reactivate my paypal, i need to registred my new credit card, but paypal ask my card for a one or two dollors transaction to check the availability of my card, and the problem that ...
if i want charge my prepaid card, i need to have a active paypal account   wall.gif
If someone own a payonner card and can send me 5$ or if he can send me 5$ via ACH US paiement sevice that woud be amazing for me !!!

Of course i can send the 5dollars+reward first with my money on my wife paypal account ;) just pm me


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    In Payoneer platform the minimum amount can be transferred is $20.00 USD. And also you should have more than 3 partner payments received in previous, in order to get private load.


    You have a great option with Skrill/Moneybookers. Moneybookers is trusted and worldwide company. Create an account on Skrill (Formarly Moneybookers) and add your USPS into Skrill. Then add/load some money on your Skrill account from your bank account. And withdraw some $ to your USPS from Skrill. That's it easy!


    USPS: US Payment Service (Powered by Payoneer)


    If USPS not enabled in your Payoneer account, apply for USPS first by following this topic

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