Send $$ Between Accounts

apps4youapps4you Member Posts: 1
I'm a mobile app developer and I get paid with payoneer, sometimes I develop for people that also have payoneer and I was wondering if its possible for them to send me $$ from their account to mine. I know there is the loading from the website but is there something just for payoneer-payoneer transfers?


  • MissyMissy Member Posts: 3
    I think that some affiliate programs with Payoneer let you send card to card transfer now, but both people need to have the option for it to work. If you see it in your accout on Payoneer website then you have it.
  • Md Billal SheikhMd Billal Sheikh Member Posts: 11
    apps4you wrote:

    I'm a mobile app developer and I get paid with payoneer, sometimes I develop for people that also have payoneer and I was wondering if its possible for them to send me $$ from their account to mine. I know there is the loading from the website but is there something just for payoneer-payoneer transfers?

    Yes it's easy. When any Payoneer Card holder need to send money to other Payoneer Card, go here:

    Or if you have a US virtual bank account powered by Payoneer, you can send load request by email.

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