Adding the US payment service to Skrill Account

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I have added the US payment service but skrill has not accept it ,  they would like to see an bank statement is that possible with this service ? Is there another way to get the money from skrill to payoneer card ?


  • Romi
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    I unfortunately cannot help you with this here on the forum - please contact our support department for assistance:


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    Hi Every one ,

                            I really need help if any one give me solution. Really thanks for advance. I already verify my payonerr card with Skrill . Skirll is not support Card withdraw option.  but problem I'm not able  transfer money to US Bank Account. How can I verify my bank account ? 

    Skrill bank verification required first upload upload money from bank to skrill. 


    I chat with payoneer staff just they are not able to give me sold solution. just says enter your us payment services in skrill start receiving payment it's not easy.  Kindly guide me if one know about this matter. 




  • Nissim
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    I believe that Skrill requires that you first add a bank account in your country, before being able to add one in a different country.


    Once you do, you will be able to add your US Payment Service and begin receiving payments.

  • sahsi96
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    i need to add my us payment service bank to skrill but i can't
    it says bank sort code : invalide entry
    please help me
    thank you
  • wasi006
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    same here. what should I do?
  • shameem
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    As much I know you cant add USA bank info in Skrill as they don't support this. But to get better solution you can contact with payoneer support team.

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  • sinan1974
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    Bank sort code invalid entry what can I do to add us payment service to my skrill account
  • sinan1974
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    The same problem when I am adding us payment service to my skrill account there is invalid entry of bank sort code and skrill request a bank statement of my us payment service I'd it possible please help
  • sinan1974
    sinan1974 Member Posts: 7
    I agree with you Mr. Nissim but when trying to add another bank account like us payment service said that invalid entry of bank sort code please help