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    I have submitted my Questionaire and now waiting for response. I have already verified my US Payment service a year ago but now i have seen a new bank number 3 months ago and added it to my paypal to verify, My bank is verifed and i made transcations to my card. Now i have noticed that payoneer is asking to fill questionaire. I have sent it so please verify it soon as i have made 200.00 dollar transcation on my card through US Payment Service.

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    Once you've submitted your questionnaire you can start using your account. If we require any additional information, we will notify you.

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    I am newbie in this forum & I looking an answer, but not getting yet. I have been using The Payoneer Master card since 2011. I had verified the US payment method with PayPal. My Master card going to be expired 06/14 so I received a renewal card. My concern is:  Should I verify US payment service again with linking paypal if I use a renewal Payonner card? If anyone there, please help me by giving the answer.



    Bayazid Bostami

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    If you're receiving the replacement card you don't need to change your bank details - everything remains the same and if you've already linked Payoneer to PayPal it'll stay the same.


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    Hola, pues mi inquietud es la siguiente, hace ratos me fije que tenia activo el servicio de US Payment Service pero hace poco vuelvo a ver y ya me aparece inactivo y no se porque!!! me sale esto:

    "Payoneer Prepago MasterCard®
    Este servicio está actualmente inactivo
    La activación del mismo le permitirá recibir pagos de depósitos directamente de la empresas de los EE.UU. seleccionadas utilizando la red ACH.
    Para registrarse en el servicio de pago de los EE.UU., por favor active este servicio."

    Espero me digan el porque ahora me sale inactivo

    y tambien otra cosa que quisiera saber es como borro o desvinculo Fuentes de Financiamiento de mi cuenta Payoneer puesto que esas fuentes osea paginas que vincule, ya cerre esas cuentas, espero su pronta respuesta, Gracias de antemano!!!

    Nota: no he hecho ninguna transaccion puesto que mi cuenta es nueva y recien empiezo con esto no he recibido dinero en ningun momento!!!
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    I need to Open a US Virtual bank Account. Please let me know what I will do for this?
  • check out this thread to find out more about US Payment services. You can also check out our blog post that will allow you go get a good start:
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    want to know if I can add another US Payment Service account to my current Payoneer card,
    And in case you can not be, as I can do to another bank account at BOA? I can request another card in my name?
    Thanks for the replies :)
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    Me paso igual, cuando agregue una fuente de financiamiento distinta de un asociado de payooner. En mi caso no hubo solución y no me activaron mas el servicio de la cuenta virtual en USA. Por términos que tiene este servicio.
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    No, Payoneer don't allow two account for one person. You have to opne another account under another person's name and information.

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    > @sosakaiser said:
    > Hello there.
    > First of all, sorry about my english if you find typos, I'm a latin guy.
    > I have transferred a Paypal fund to Payoneer, was $1000 sent on September 1st, and I expected to collect that on Sept 8th. When Paypal estimates a transfer completion date, all the time was loaded in Payoneer a few days before, so sweet so far. With a Labor Day in the middle of this first transfer I said "OK, they are delayed for that and maybe this time the load will be on specified time".
    > On friday 9th, when I cannot see my funds in my account, I tried to reach the Delaware Bank (the first piece in this chain) and they said "Contact Payoneer directly". So I started a chat with an operator who said me "this is an issue with some specific transfer dates, but you can still sending funds from Paypal".
    > I said "Lets transfer another fund" the same day of my chat, on Sept 9th, for an amount of $800. And what happens with that too? YEAH!
    > So I'm here, on Sept 15th, with $1800 lost in space, waiting for my own money in a pile shelf with lot of tickets since I found this forum thread.
    > Please save all the kind feedback and apologies. The chat operators have a lot of copy/paste phrases for that.
    > This is a nightmare for me and all the working people who need that money in a daily basis like me.
    > I have a lot of unpaid bills because you guys. $1800 is almost the half of my monthly incomes and you are playing with my money until today.
    > So the reputation of Payoneer is ZERO for me right now, and I'm really concerned about to repeat this issues in the future. But OF COURSE you are the ONLY way for me to collect Paypal funds because Paypal doesn't exist in my country. So I'm big time scr*wed right now. If I could have another option for Paypal transfers, I will take it in an instant. But I can't.
    > The last thing said for last operator is something like ( I don´t received the last chat in my email, sorry) "I passed your issue to Payments Dept and they will mannualy transfer the funds soon". At this time, "SOON" is an empty word for me. Maybe means 'today', maybe 'tomorrow is friday so another week is coming and I don't have MY MONEY in my pocket'.
    > Again, save all your words, and JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY RIGHT NOW!
    > "Thanks for choose Payoneer, have a nice day"
    > Bye
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