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A stupid newbie question. :)
Hi, I'm relatively new to Payoneer and have what's probably a dumb question. On the Payoneer web site, getting cash back when making purchases is suggested as a way to save on fees. I'd like to do this instead of withdrawing funds from an ATM, but when I try to use my Payoneer card at stores, I don't seem to be able to use it as a debit card.

If it's relevant, I live in Canada. When making a purchase, one has to tell the cashier whether it's debit or credit so the cashier can enter the same into the computer. Then you swipe your card.

I've tried using my card at several large chain stores, and have only been able to use it as a credit card. Doing that allows me to make the purchase, but it doesn't allow me to get cash back because the transaction goes through immediately after I swipe my card. When I have the cashier identify the card as a debit card, the machine always tells me the transaction has failed as soon as I swipe my card. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? How do you get your cash back?


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    The cash withdrawal fee is charged for any transaction processed by the merchant as an ATM withdrawal or cash advance. This is sometimes also related to in-store purchases, but not always (it depends on the type of purchase).

    Either way, your card should be available for use as a debit - this may be an issue with the merchant or the local banking network in your area. If you can please PM me the e-mail on your Payoneer account, I'd be happy to look further in to it for you.

    In regards to general usage, we highly recommend making fewer ATM withdrawals at higher amounts, as fees are flat fees charged per withdrawal. In addition, try to use your card for purchases as much as possible, to avoid ATM fees entirely.
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    @Nissim , sir i am a new freelancer and got my first payment on 21 october 2015. it was an amount of 61$ which reduced to 58.58$ after paying fee. But now, i checked my account and there is an amount of 28$ only. it seems that the amount of 29$ has been deducted as payoneer annual fee. I want to get this amount back because this was my first payment ever. i'll pay fees with the next payment. how can i get it back?
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