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Just got my Payoneer prepaid card and I have questions.

1. How to top up this card? (Please specify the procedure based on the Philippines)

-Since this is a prepaid card I assumed my account number and bank name is not the 16 digits that marked in the card. Where I can find it?

-How to put funds in the prepaid card? I read that there's called Local Bank Transfer now my question is, What Banks in the Philippines that allows this kind of transaction? If possible can you include the fees for each transaction.

2. Can this be used abroad?

-I'm planning to travel abroad next year (Hong Kong or Thailand) but doubting if this can be used in the said places.

3. Funding through money remittance

-Aside from banking is it also possible to fund the card thru this money remittance center like Western Union?

4. Maintenance fee

-How much the annual maintenance fee or every when the maintenance fee occurs?

Sorry for my bad English. Anticipating for your quick response.

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    Good luck with getting any prompt response!
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    Hello there,

    Kumusta? I'll try to answer your questions to the best that I can.

    1.)Q: How to top up this card? (Please specify the procedure based on the Philippines)
    A: You can top-up your card by receiving payments from US Companies via US Payment Service by Payoneer, alternatively, you can also receive payments by loading your card via credit / debit card. You cannot load your card by sending money to any remittance center such us Western Union, etc. You cannot also load your card by depositing to any banks in here in the Philippines.

    2. Q: Can this be used abroad?
    A: Yes, you can use your card in any country as long as the merchant accept MasterCard payment.

    3. Q: Funding through money remittance
    A: That's not possible.

    4: Q: Maintenance fee
    A: $29 annual fee. (Not sure)

    Hope this helps you.
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    Thank you. Very informative and helpful.
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    Your Welcome.
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