I took this question from someone because I had the same problem

salmasalma Posts: 1Member
I have had low balance in my paypal and I had one recurring payment I forgot about, so on the day the payment was due paypal pulled the payment from payoneer US virtual account and got refused. Paypal then disabled the US account. Now I can't add it back. I need to have a virtual account added to my paypal as I have payments coming in that I need to transfer from paypal to my payoneer. Is it possible to update me with a new US virtual account details?


  • shahsanoshahsano Posts: 16Member ✭✭
    Paypal is not accepting virtual accounts from payoneer. You have to do minimum 3 transactions from your payoneer card to apply for a actual bank from payoneer then you can add that information in your paypal.
    Thank You.
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