Problem is Amount Waiting For Approve

AlihyderAlihyder Posts: 3Member
I Want to know, my Payment ID# 24106811. waiting for approval so is there any support guy tell me, when this payment will be done?


  • AlihyderAlihyder Posts: 3Member
    any body help me please
  • Kenny_LeKenny_Le Posts: 5Member
    > @Alihyder said:
    > any body help me please

    Hi, i thought i'm the only one face the problem with the approval but i think you and i are in the same boat. I have sign up for an account on march, 03 and guess what? my account still not approval yet.

    I have contacted to the support team 3 times, and their answer is "you have to wait" =)) if you are living in third world country, or second world country like myself then i guess it'll take a little bit longer than other guys living in first world country ;)

    I hope my reply can help you relieve the stress and just patient a little bit more :)

    Kenny Le
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