ATM did not dispense Cash But My account was Debited

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You guys are doing a good Job in here. I have a problem, ATM did not dispense Cash But My account was Debited. I have contacted the customer care and they gave me a form, which I have printed, signed and scanned.

I tried sending it back to the Address but it keeps bouncing back, saying Mail can not be delivered. Please, How do I send the scanned document so that this dispute would be resolved. I am in dare need of the cash At the Moment. Thanks for the Assistance, awaits your Quick Response.


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    If you tried to make an ATM transaction that did not go through, but were still charged by the ATM, this means that the ATM may have malfunctioned.

    In these cases the ATM will usually resolve the issue itself and refund the charge within several business days. If it does not, you would need to contact our customer support department and they will assist you in filing a dispute with the bank in question:
  • victichyvictichy Member Posts: 3
    I already tried contacting them and they gave me a file to Fill. I already filled the necessary Information and tried submitting it to the same Email I was told yo submit it, but it keeps bouncing back saying mail not sent. Please give me the correct email Address I can use to Send the form. Thanks for your prompt response.
  • NissimNissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,749 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    You can reply to the e-mail, and if that doesn't work you can use our online e-mail form at
  • victichyvictichy Member Posts: 3
    I have sent it and have not gotten reply. Please I need Help, Customer care not responding
  • SamirAndriolaSamirAndriola Member Posts: 2
    Same here. What happened with you Victichy?
    They solved your problem?
  • SamirAndriolaSamirAndriola Member Posts: 2
    I just received my money back.
  • mscw1997mscw1997 Member Posts: 4
    Same thing happened to me, money is debited from my account but ATM didn't give me anything.
    Bank asked me to wait for 48 hours.
    Lets see what happen. *fingers crossed*
  • happygirlhappygirl Member Posts: 1
    > @mscw1997 said:
    > Same thing happened to me, money is debited from my account but ATM didn't give me anything.
    > Bank asked me to wait for 48 hours.
    > Lets see what happen. *fingers crossed*

    mscw1997 did you get your money back after 48 hours or how long did it take
  • muthoni2030muthoni2030 Member Posts: 1
    I also withdrew $420 five days ago, but ATM did not dispense the cash. After contacting the local bank, they requested me ask payoneer to request that bank for a refund, and i wrote an email to payoneer, but up to now, i haven't received any feedback from payoneer. This is so frustrating bearing in mind that you are dealing with finance, yet you don't support your customers' when they are in dire need. I need an urgent support!!!
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    ATM did not dispense Cash But My account was Debited


    I need

    > @happygirl said:
    > How did you get your money back ??
  • OUYA_GroupOUYA_Group Member Posts: 1
    Why ??

    i need my money back, i need it
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     I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate matter. As a first step in f resolving ATM transaction issues please contact the bank or the ATM operator. 

    If the bank or the ATM owner advises you to contact Payoneer, please Contact our support team for further assistance.

  • Sulaiman90Sulaiman90 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem today, I have lost 200.75 $
    I have contact the bank and they told me to contact Payoneer.
    Please Help me
    I need my money URGENTLY !!!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    Please see my previous response, you should contact our support team for assistance.
  • gisele23gisele23 Member Posts: 0
    I tried to withdraw the money on an ATM but the cash was not dispensed. I checked my Payoneer account and the transaction is "Pending" but it was already debited from my account.

    I called the bank and they told me to get in touch with Payoneer. Already sent an e-mail but I really need to make sure this will get solved asap :(
  • jhingsotoiijhingsotoii Member Posts: 5
    is this problem already resolve ?
  • faisalj75faisalj75 Member Posts: 8
    Hello, I live in Karachi and use Payoneer regularly from ATM's such as MCB, SCB and Samba Banks, on 20th January 2016 I needed to withdraw Rs. 40,000 so I went to MCB ATM where I had 5 attempts to withdraw out of which only 2 were successful (2nd and 5th) and 3 times it gives me error! When I check the online statement it shows all 5 attempts as successful transactions and amount of all 5 transactions each of $202.65 is deducted from my Payoneer card!
    I contacted the Bank (MCB) they advise me to wait for 48hrs and they said "missing transactions will revert back automatically!" but nothing happens - I contacted them again after 48 hours and they said now you need to file the case through Payoneer since we will only take action on the advice of your Bank. I contacted Payoneer and they send me some form to fill and send bank, which I did today!!

    My questions is did anyone ever had such issue?
    How much time it will take to get resolved?
    What is fastest way to get this resolved?

    Note: I had such issue in the past with MCB for a single transaction but amount reverted back at the same time! This time it has already taken 48hrs and nothing happen!

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    Salaam Faisal Bhai.
    First of all don't worry as Payoneer Debit card system & Pakistani banks are not a Child that you will loose money easily.

    Are the failed transactions showing on Pending Authorization Trx on payoneer panel ? If Yes then it will only clear those 2 Sucessful Trx. only.

  • faisalj75faisalj75 Member Posts: 8
    Salam Rizwan,
    Thanks for answering, No all the transactions shown as confirmed and not in pending.
    I'm sure this must have happend with others as well! Only concern is how long it will take to resolved?
  • faisalj75faisalj75 Member Posts: 8
    I was reading other such incidents on this form and one thing is same in most which is "MCB". Most of such incidents happened on MCB ATM machines, so clearly there must be connection glitch between Payoneer and MCB.
    My advice to Payoneer is to check link issues with MCB, since it is quite painfull to us here in Pakistan!
    I will use SCB now for all my ATM transactions, I love payoneer and it has given me benefits in many ways.
  • SafdarSafdar Member Posts: 7
    Mr. Faisal,

    Almost same happened (except No. of attempt is 1) with me on same date (i.e.20th Jan, 2016) at MCB Hyderabad , I also filed dispute and I keen to know how many long it takes. If you get any information or return your payment, Please inform me too.

  • faisalj75faisalj75 Member Posts: 8
    Hello Safdar,
    I filled the case on 22th Jan, in reply i just received a email that it is under process, thats it.
    Will update if anything positive happend!
  • SafdarSafdar Member Posts: 7
    Hello Faisal,

    Thank you for your reply, same position here.

    Thank again
  • SafdarSafdar Member Posts: 7
    Hello Faisal,

    I received a message today from payneer that my charge back have been sent to process.

  • faisalj75faisalj75 Member Posts: 8
    Hello Safdar,
    Its a good news that you case is now in process, let me know if you get further update!
    I will also update when anything positive happen!
  • faisalj75faisalj75 Member Posts: 8
    Today i got this email from Payoneer:

    Response (02/02/2016 10:13 AM)
    We hereby inform you that your dispute has been filed with our Chargeback Department, and will be decided upon within 90 days. If the dispute is won, your account will be credited at that time. Please note that the final credit amount may differ slightly from the disputed amount, because of currency conversion changes.
    We will inform you of updates in the dispute status via email. If you have any questions, please reply to this e-mail and we will be happy to assist you.

    So it means the case is underway, only issue is the time
  • SafdarSafdar Member Posts: 7
    I was also received almost same email on same day:

    Response (02/04/2016 09:29 AM)
    We hereby inform you that your dispute has been filed with our Chargeback Department.
    Within a few business days, a conditional credit may be made to your account. If your dispute covers multiple transactions, please note that the conditional credit may not apply to all transactions disputed. This does not affect the processing of the dispute, and all transactions involved will be processed.
    The conditional credit will be followed by a debit transaction which will appear in the Outstanding Authorization section, and will put the funds on hold, until the conditional credit becomes final within no more than 90 days.
    We will inform you of updates in the dispute status via email. If you have any questions, please reply to this e-mail and we will be happy to assist you.

    You are right, only issue is the time.
  • faisalj75faisalj75 Member Posts: 8
    edited February 2016
    I can see now the 3 defaulted transactions appears as pending in my account transaction page! but not available to be used. Which means the amount is not been reverted back yet, but it shows the progress that Payoneer has already taken some action.
    The down part is the return amount is little less then what suppose to be for each transaction. This was already intimated by Payoneer in the email that the reverted amount will be different then your actual transaction amount! I guess the ATM usage+process+exchanges charges are not to be returned!
    But I'm happy overall that major chuck of lost amount will be back and that will make me the happy person again :)
    How much more time it will take is still a concern, hope it will be done soon! Many bills to pay!!!
  • SafdarSafdar Member Posts: 7
    On 11th Feb 2016, same happened with me amount shows about 5% less.
  • faisalj75faisalj75 Member Posts: 8
    So far no progress, still waiting :(
    It will be highly appreciated, If any of the Payoneer support staff can reply on this matter!
  • tupacantupacan Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2016
    Same thing happened to be few days ago - 4th March. I had one attempt, the ATM was processing (like counting the money) and I just got message that the transaction cannot be completed. The ATM was out of cash.

    I was expecting to be charged $0.9 for ATM declining fee and I was like.. meh.. okay, but I was surprised when I saw that I'm missing the amount I tried to withdraw.

    I sent an Email to Payoneer Support the day after this happened, but still no response.

    The transaction is still under "Pending Authorizations", but as I understood from you guys, it will be confirmed and then I need to open a dispute. Am I right? Anything else I can do?

    And, is there another way this to be processed faster than 90 days? I mean... really? 90 days? What the hell..

    I'm so so mad.


    edit: Oh, now I see that this is for Pakistan. In mine case, it was in EU country, but anyways.. it is the exact same problem..
  • SafdarSafdar Member Posts: 7
    آلحمد اللہ

    After 2 months and 10 days (i.e.70 days), I received my money back with deduction of slight charges.
  • Michael.JonesMichael.Jones Member Posts: 3
    Asalam Allaikum,

    Faisal and Safdar same issue happen with me on 29-March. Amount deducted but not received cash from atm. I feel angry on MCB atm.

    I have submit my case but so far i haven't received any reply or email from them. Worried about my payment. Please faisal update us if you received your payment back ? Thank you
  • azzniceazznice Member Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone! Today Same issue is happened with me.

    I did 2 transactions of $202 (20 thousands in pkr). First transaction was successful but second transaction was failed. I check my balance, both amounts were deducted from my account but I did not get amount from second transaction....

    I used MCB

    And this is not first time. Exactly same issue happened with me 3 times including this one.

    In the past after first failure of my transaction, I submitted dispute form, I got all such emails as you guys shared above and after around 4 to 5 months I got final email that I won my case and amount is back in my account. but I never got my amount back. I also contacted payoneer I always get same reply that they have returned amount and I used it... anyways that is very old.

    now I am very worried about the recent lost happened today.

    This issue is happened with MCB always so may be MCB is making things difficult for payoneer cards. I am not sure about other banks but I suggest you not to use MCB and try other banks.

    Standard Charted Bank is Top Class bank. I highly recommend to use Standard Charted Bank because their system is very fast and never fails. So may be choosing the right bank can resolve this issue.

    But this is very serious issue, Payoneer should take action to resolve such kind of issues.

    Tomorrow I'll contact local bank, they will ask me to wait for 48 hours. So let see If i get my payment back otherwise I'll have to fill another dispute form. I'll keep you guys updated about the progress.

  • BurhanBurhan Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem just before two hours back.
  • BurhanBurhan Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem just before two hours back.
  • farooquefarooque Member Posts: 3
    I have the same situation but can anybody please confirm are these problem solved?
  • Adam_PayoneerAdam_Payoneer Administrator Posts: 1,105 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2016
    While extremly rare, there can be a loss of connection between Payoneer/Mastercard with the ATM bank operator. There are two main outcomes in this type of situation.
    • The transaction is charged and you are left with no money in your pocket.
    • The transaction is stuck in a pending autheriztion state (waiting to be charged by the bank).
    When this happens, you need to do the following:
    • Don't panic. We are aware and truly symphetize with you that it's annoying and frustrating beyond comprehension, but I assure you that one way or another you will get your money back.
    • First thing you need to do when this happens is to contact the ATM operator (this is usally the bank) or a privately owned ATM at the store. The faster you get in touch with them the faster they will be able to spot the error and reverse the transaction whether it is pending to be collected or it was already charged. The longer you wait, the more likely they will tell you that their hands are tied. 

    • When advised to contact Payoneer, there are two situations you may find your self.

      - The ATM transaction was completed: We will send you an email with a link to download the dispute forums in order to file an offical dispute against the ATM operator.

      - The ATM transaction is pending to be charged: You will see that the transaction in the account stuck in pending authorization. This means that the money is stuck in limbo where we don't have it and the bank can't charge it. When this happens, you will need to wait the 10 days it takes for the transaction to expire in order for the funds to return to the card. The only indication you will have this will happen is when you don't see the transaction in the history and the money that was pending is back on the card.
      In this case I also recommend you contact Payoneer support so they can advise you on the release date and send you the dispute forums in advance just so you have them handy.

    I have talked with countless people back when I used to work the phones and I truly know what you feel. There is no way to suger coat this situation, but only assure you that there is a solution for this situation.
    Don't hesitate to contact Payoneer support for guidence in this process and make sure to contact the ATM operator as soon as this happens for the best chances to reverse the transaction.

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.

  • LalLal Member Posts: 5
    Hi, Today i tried to withdraw about $270-$275 through the Atm ,, but Atm says unable to dispense .When i check my account i see amount was charged and i didn't see any transaction history of it.

    Can anyone please help...!
  • LalLal Member Posts: 5
    Sorry,, Again I tried to withdraw about $266.94 (BDT 20000) ,,, Date 7/22/2016 ...

    Atm Unable to dispense cash. Now I see money cut from my payoneer and i see the transaction in pending authorizations.

    Anyone please help ,,, what should i do ....?
  • hmdelowarhmdelowar Member Posts: 4
    hello, if i want receive your getting money how way i can?
  • sajid77sajid77 Member Posts: 26 ✭✭
    I have the same problem, I used bank alfalah cavalry branch lahore.
  • sheikh306sheikh306 Member Posts: 0
    I tried to make transaction yesterday from local bank, but payment did not released and transaction status is TXN Reversed. I submit a message to payoneer. what should i do in this case ???
  • srksensrksen Member Posts: 1
    My money stucked in ATM? and money seem withdrawed on my balance ,how can I correct it?
  • AsimcsAsimcs Member Posts: 1
    I have done 3 transactions yesterday. First transaction was cancelled but next two were successfully done. But when I checked my balance and transaction history it shows 3 successful transactions and my balance is deducted for failed transaction. I have sent a message to payoneer but there is no reply.
  • nandyajoe28nandyajoe28 Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
    edited September 2016
    So today is my first time withdrawing my balance on payoneer through an ATM with mastercard logo.
    When the transaction loading suddenly my card is coming out with the atm screen saying "Sorry we are unable to process your card bla bla" and there's no money coming out from the machine.

    Then i checked my payoneer balance and i recently lost my $58 which i want to withdraw.
    But when i view Payoneer transactions history, i saw that my $58 is remain under "Pending Authorization".

    The question is, will i get my $58 back to my payoneer balance as it expires? Will they really return my $58 within 7 business days? And what is the cause of declined withdrawal transaction via ATM? As what i calculated, I'm pretty sure that i have enough balance to withdraw and i have enough balance to keep (include the withdraw fees).

    Thank you.
  • DmadDmad Member Posts: 5
    Hello nandyajoe28,

    I think that you will find part of the answer in the following:

    Search for the discussion: " Pre Authorization Status on Prepaid Card "

    However, this happened to me 9 days ago and I am still waiting!!!! Could you please tell us the country from where this transaction has failed?
  • nandyajoe28nandyajoe28 Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
    Hello Dmad,

    OK i'll sure do!
    but omg really? 9 days?? this makes me more scared if that will happen to me too.
    I'm just scared if i won't get my money back and how if the ATM take them all with no return.
    Anyway i'm doing this transaction in Indonesia based on where i live.
    I hope you'll get your money back as soon as possible, Dmad!
  • nandyajoe28nandyajoe28 Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
    edited September 2016
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