Address varification with utilities bill is problem

ranjudhkranjudhk Posts: 1Member
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Payoneer asked me to provide the utilities bill which belongs my name and address.
But I am living at Dhaka as a tenant. All bills comes under landlord by his own name. Unfortunately, Payoneer cannot accept a bank statement, credit card statement or a mobile phone bill.
All Bangladeshi national ID card are in Bangla except the name, And the card is mentioned under permanent address.
So, how can I do prove my private address ? Please let me know if any body know the solution. My card almost blocked and I am not eligible until provide the address verification.
Thanks Advance !


  • Golam_AzamGolam_Azam Posts: 105Member ✭✭
    Hey ranjudhk,
    Utility bill is not acceptable because of address problem. You need to verify payoneer account using Bank Statement. Keep in mind that the name and address must be same to your payoneer address. 

    Thank You!

    Golam Azam
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