Local bank transfer Still pending, Is anyone else facing this problem?

OrinMACOrinMAC Member Posts: 2
I got a confirmation email on the 14th of october 2016 that the amount was processed and it takes two or three business days but i didn't receive it fourth day nothing, then I get an email again on 21st of october 2016 then its still processing, Why is it taking so long and where is the money, :( my bank says they didn't get any incoming request from you.

This has never happened before, I emailed twice no reply, the Indian phone number is wrong, no one replies on FB,

I am getting shattered as Its my only source of income and no one seems to care about it. At least have the curtsy to reply on the situation.


  • OrinMACOrinMAC Member Posts: 2
    Update: I called the (outside of US ) number, talked with customer support and they were kind enough to help me out Just received my money. Thank you So much!
  • GangedmGangedm Member Posts: 5
    Am also facing same issue.. My withdrawal request was processed on 20 Oct but still not created in bank account.
  • aalovelybebeaalovelybebe Member Posts: 61 ✭✭
    Gangedm said:
    Am also facing same issue.. My withdrawal request was processed on 20 Oct but still not created in bank account.
    me too i ask payoneer to provide me the Mt103 :( 3 weeks delay urggghhh :(
  • jcodexjcodex Member Posts: 5
    Hello Payoneer Team,

    1) Payoneer transfer to my local Bank Account on 18-OCT-2016 still not received.

    2) When I contacted Payoneer Support by email. Payoneer's support sends "Canned Replies". ( "delays in a small number of payments affecting our bank transfer service" ) I tried to follow up with support few time but got the same "Canned Reply" back.

    3) Tried to contact Indian Office by phone. But Payoneer Indian Office Phone Number does not work.

    4) Contacted Payoneer USA by phone. Support agent read out the same "Canned Replies" I received by email. And informed me there is NO ETA when the payment will be transferred to my local Bank Account.

    5) This is second time in past 2 months payment is getting delayed

    6) Now I do not know when I will receive my payment.

    Best Regards,
  • Golam_AzamGolam_Azam Member Posts: 96 ✭✭
    I suggest you to wait 2 more days. If the problem remains unsolved, call +18002512521
    It is toll free.
    Thank You!

    Golam Azam
  • aalovelybebeaalovelybebe Member Posts: 61 ✭✭
    i have same problem too, i from philippines and my money took very long delay. october 5 until now theres no news i always contacted the payoneer always say they will wait for their bank to send the documents to send back to me, i ask for the proof of payment the mt103 that my bank needs to verify. but until now theres no news where would i get my money.
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