Can i load prepaid cards with founds which I recive into my payoneer account from freelancing?

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Usually you can load prepaid cards only by real cash.

My question is next: I will do freelance work. I will get paid. I will recive that money in my payoneer account.
Will I be able to load, charge my payoneer prepaid master card with the same founds, which i will recive from freelancing?

Will I be able to withdraw them at ATM from payoneer prepaid card?

Thank you very much.


  • Golam_AzamGolam_Azam Posts: 105Member ✭✭
    Yes! You can load fund from freelancing webistes into payoneer account as well as mastercard. If you load directly mastercard, you can immediately use it on ATM booth. If you ACH payment method, it will take 3-5 business days to load on mastercard. You can also use direct bank transfer service from freelancing websites like fiverr, peopleperhour etc. using payoneer. Under this method, fund will be available to your local bank account within 2-3 business days.

    Hope the answer helpful!

    Thank You!
    Golam Azam
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    Thank you @Golam_Azam.
  • Golam_AzamGolam_Azam Posts: 105Member ✭✭
    You're welcome to ask any question
    Golam Azam
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