Payoneer closed my account for 'undisclosed' reasons

krismkrism Posts: 1Member

I opened a Payoneer account  but have yet to start receiving money for it so there has been no activity yet on my Payoneer account.

A few days ago I couldn't log in, my account has been closed.
Could you help me find out why ?

Customer support has not been helpful, they apparently have 'standard' answers : 'undisclosed reasons' and 'we are unable to provide you with services'.
I need to know if the reason is the inactivity or something else.

Even better, is there a way you could help me reinstate the account because I am expecting funds soon and now don't have a US ACH to send it to.

Thanks for your help


  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭

    Hi Kris,


    Unfortunately your account has been closed for undisclosed reasons and I cannot provide anymore information regarding this matter.


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  • rrjayrrjay Posts: 1Member

    i am facing same problem, i was using my account every month even weekly for some transaction. last oct. 25, 2016 i recieved an email from fiverr that i got my payout, since my GPS is not yet active i try to contact the support team. they assist me on my problem but after an hour my card was blocked. i try to contact the support again but they said my account was blocked for undisclosed reason. pls help me about this.
  • Golam_AzamGolam_Azam Posts: 105Member ✭✭
    You have to contact with payoneer customer service for details. You can call them for immediate solution.
    Thank You!
    Golam Azam
  • rrjay123rrjay123 Posts: 1Member
    I already contacted the support team but they said they cannot do anyting about my card. It is totally block. Last Thursday I check my card again because it is schedule for my payout and why I'm still receiving payout if my card is already blocked? Pls help me
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