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Payoneer payment not received since last 14 days

rachitiweb Member Posts: 1
How to take legal action against payoneer in case payment is not credited and its been 14 days.


  • I'm sorry to hear your payment has not been received. If you're expecting a payment from a company and it hasn't reached your balance on Payoneer, the first place you should contact is that company. It can also help to contact Payoneer's Customer care center. I hope it works out.
  • jcodex
    jcodex Member Posts: 5
    Hello Payoneer Team,

    1) Payoneer transfer to my local Bank Account on 18-OCT-2016 still not received.

    2) When I contacted Payoneer Support by email. Payoneer's support sends "Canned Replies". ( "delays in a small number of payments affecting our bank transfer service" ) I tried to follow up with support few time but got the same "Canned Reply" back.

    3) Tried to contact Indian Office by phone. But Payoneer Indian Office Phone Number does not work.

    4) Contacted Payoneer USA by phone. Support agent read out the same "Canned Replies" I received by email. And informed me there is NO ETA when the payment will be transferred to my local Bank Account.

    5) This is second time in past 2 months payment is getting delayed

    6) Now I do not know when I will receive my payment.

    Best Regards,
  • sophie26
    sophie26 Member Posts: 20 ✭✭
    Lots of different problem, but the core of the problem "money somewhere in the system" and "poor costumer service" and "empty nonsense explanations" but our money what we really needed is nowhere...

    I have just open a topic, because of my worries. I am really worry about I have never seen my money.
    Please when your problem solved let me know how and share your experience.
  • sophie26
    sophie26 Member Posts: 20 ✭✭
    I don't know how to take legal action against payoneer.
    I want to take too.

    Payoneer think all of us is an idiot sheep who eat empty explanations.
  • waqasshahsyed
    waqasshahsyed Member Posts: 1
    The last 4 of my weekly payments have not been transferred to my bank account, it's been a month since I have received any payment. When I contacted Payoneer support through chat, they sent me proof documents that the transactions were transferred to my bank. Meaning somehow they did not reach my account.

    I contacted my bank and they stated that they never received the mentioned payments at all. So they had nothing to transfer to my account.

    This is a total disregard of the trust that we customers have put into Payoneer. If anything can be done to make Payoneer realize their mistake, I am all ears!
  • Pranav
    Pranav Member Posts: 2
    Hey did your issue get resolved? I'm having the same issue since 2 weeks.
  • rightway
    rightway Member Posts: 1
    How to take legal action against payoneer in case payment is not credited and its been 24 days.
  • Sebvir
    Sebvir Member Posts: 1
    I also need to know, because this shit is not acceptable one bit. I demand that my money is given to me at no fee and if it takes any longer, I need to know how to take legal action because I'm poor and I can't afford to get cheated by Payoneer. Shit company.