i cant link my account to my paypal

larion1990larion1990 Posts: 1Member
i tried linking my account to my paypal but it wasnt linking why is that


  • Zubair_786Zubair_786 Posts: 2Member
    Paypall not supported payoneer
  • Golam_AzamGolam_Azam Posts: 105Member ✭✭
    you can't send money from payoneer to other money transfer websites. Payoneer only accept payment from other money transfer websites. Go to paypal, you will see available option. If paypal support to send money to payoneer, you can add. Otherwise not.
    Golam Azam
  • PayoneerBrasilHelpPayoneerBrasilHelp Posts: 73Member ✭✭
    You can link your Paypal account to your Payoneer account using your debit card. You will be able to use yur Payoneer account as a back up funding source for making payments with Paypal. That's how I have it set up on my. Just link your Payoneer debit card to your Paypal account.
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