Delayed customer support

ukdoukdo Posts: 1Member
I have sent a support request last week (27.01.2017). I got the response on Wednesday thay was totally unrelated to my actual request. At the bottom of the mail support guy was telling mi to contact him in case I need additional support.
I replied his email presenting my actual request again. But he never answered my email. Then, I sent another support request and never received an answered.

Since my request was an urgent one, I called the international customer service line and had two consecutive calls 44 minutes in total with no resolution. After the call some other guy sent me an email stating his sadness about my dissatisfaction and will contact me very soon. Today he sent me another email and he was telling that he will solve my issue soon but it will probably happen next week. Again I sent him another email that my issue was urgent. But could not receive any response.

When I check the posts in this forum, I see vast amount of issues from customers complaining about the delayed customer support.

I started to wonder why we as Payoneer customers cannot receive support in a timely manner.

Is there a company policy that might be delaying support for customers?


  • atiq97atiq97 Posts: 2Member
    I'm also facing issue.

    I transferred my revenues from Fiverr, and It's more than 5 days. I still didn't receive my payment. I submitted support but only receive automated reply. Horrible experience happening :neutral:

    My payment reference is 37605278
  • neelumneelum Posts: 5Member
    @ukdo Iam facing the same issue, I have forgot my payi=oneer secure answer and my account has been locked Its not getting unlocked for 3 days now, Please tell me the contact number which u used them to call? Iam from Pakistan tell me details please help me If you can please
  • Rosee80Rosee80 Posts: 3Member
    Sir can help me.i new member.dont have card payoneer.i from malaysia.and now i login my email.i want active my account payoneer.then i login 3x.but i dont remember my username.payoneer blocked my account.and now i can't login now.sir how.please help me.
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