I recieved my card.. Please respond im terrified

Aire98Aire98 Member Posts: 2
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the card just arrived, i didnt expect that, i thought ill get a digital card, i do not want to pay anything for this i want to block the card immidietly. what will happend if i never activate it? i mean i didn't sign anything!..


  • dimskkdimskk Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
    Pay for what?? There are yearly service fee ONLY, which is round about $30 I think. Other than that, there is just transaction fee which you'll be charged when you actually make transactions.

    Why did you ordered a card when you don't want to use it??
  • Aire98Aire98 Member Posts: 2
    im new to website designing so i wanned to ad adds to my site, so when i earned some money i decided to withdraw it, but it had no options for paypal or directly through credit card. but it had option for payoneer, i thought this is something like paypal but then i recieved a card, i dont even understand i wont pay anything, i want this to be blocked...
  • dimskkdimskk Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
    Hey..... If they asked you to open a Payoneer account to receive your money, then why don't use it?? You can use that card to withdraw money from any ATM near you, which accept MasterCard, from your payoneer account.

    Like many freelancers are working online, first receive money in their Payoneer account from freelancing websites and then use the Card to withdraw the money from any ATM Machine in their own country.

    Why you have a problem with this??
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