Pending payment Missing information, please contact Customer Support

I've sent a payment request and the payer paid the required amount, Payoneer sent another mail to verify the identity and mentioned that the payment will be rejected after 7 days, now I can't contact the payer again .so I have 2 questions
1- what if the payer didn't respond to the mail?
2- will the paid amount will be refunded to the credit card again after the 7 days ? and how can I check the status of this money?



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    Still waiting for your help
  • dimskkdimskk Posts: 15Member ✭✭
    If the payer does not reply to the email or does not verify the identity with in 7 days, the payment will be rejected and the money will be refunded back to the person who paid for the transaction.

    Your best bet is to keep on contacting the payer to resolve the id verification issue.
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