I did not get my Payoneer Master Card yet.

My routine time was Jan 31 to Feb 9 for getting my card via regular mail. But still I did not get it. What should I do now ? Do I need to wait for few more days or apply for new one ? Plz suggest.


  • bayaziduskbayazidusk Member Posts: 0
    Look, I'm not getting any cards, now what do I do ???
  • Virdatchy09Virdatchy09 Member Posts: 0
    I didn't recieve my payoneer card yet :/ i really need it .
  • abdelrazek2abdelrazek2 Member Posts: 1
    لقد تم غلق حسابى بعد تغيير الرقم السرى وطلب الاجابة على السوال ارجو اعادة الحساب
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