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should i apply for the us Payment service in order to receive funds from ?


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    You do not need to receive payments from via the US Payment Service, you can receive them directly to your Payoneer card. Simply select Payoneer as the payment method for your account and follow the instructions listed here to link your account with your existing Payoneer card:

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    Aren't they one of your partners ? actually they are providing payoneer as one of their payment methods,doesn't that mean that they are one of your partners,i already filled some form on their website to connect both adfly and payoneer accounts,am i able to receive fund from them now ?


    check this and tell me if i'm wrong

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    You're absolutely right, they have just recently gone live as an official partner of ours. Please see my edit above.

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    thanks Nissim,i successfully attached my adfly account to my payoneer account,i mention that i didn't receive my payoneer card yet but it's when i filled the information form in order to attach both accounts,i left the card number box blank,am i able now to receive payments even without mentioning card number ? is my e-mail address enough ? if not, is it possible to add the card number later ?

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    Yes, that is enough. I see you linked both and oDesk, and can already begin to receive payments from both of them. 


    You don't need to add the card number. We are able to identify your account via the e-mail and password alone. The card number field is only required after the card has been activated.

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    cool..thanks Nissim for the quick and helpful Replies...Payoneer is Great  :goodjob:

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    Hello !

    Any body can please clarify me that recently paid me $ 24.22 but in payoneer card there is neither the transaction history nor balance in my payoneer account, my payoneer account is also approved in Does it take time in transaction money to in payoneer card? I have also associated payoneer with paypal so at a same time can i receive money through US payment service and from payoneer partners e.g

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    Please note that it takes several business days for the payment to appear in Payoneer. Regarding the US Payment Service - you can receive payments from partners and USPS without a problem. Just make sure your USPS is enabled and verified.


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    i can connect payoneer card to a friend of mine in my account in or necessary to be my account information in matching's account information in payoneer
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    I want to go Payoneer Advanced Settings, to get Program ID and API password.
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