3D Secure for payoneer card



So this is not new but lets remaind people about this important security feature that remain unavailable for our payoneer card. This is consederad a hole in security those days and in the future.

From my perspective, a credit card without 3d secure is just like an ATM card without pin, just insert the card and withdraw. Just ask your self how many times we quickly wants to toilet and leave our cell phones, car keys and pockets somewhere near television and so one ... who garantee that no body will write down the number in the card and purchase online...

3D secure should be mandatory now, not only to minimize chargebacks but more importants to not lose our moneys and our cards.


Payoneer is big payment service in the market but we didn't see any step towars the application of 3D secure neather in official topics or elsewhere, this will discourage many people from using the card unless it give total security. Isn't it ?


  • Nissim
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    Thanks for your feedback. We are certainly looking into adding this functionality, and I will be sure to pass on your feedback.

  • perseus777
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    Not only 3D secure!


    I'm awaiting my new card, and I hope that it will have at least PIN code protection and chip when using in stores.


    Currently no PIN validation is requested when I use this card in stores. So it is kind of a gambling - everybody can copy your card! Is there a way to activate this?


    Will the new card have Chip protection as well? This is becoming problematic as well.



  • Nissim
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    The card does have a 4-digit PIN, however you would only need to use it at ATMs or when making debit transactions.


    We do plan to add Chip & PIN to the cards, and hope to have further details on that in the near future.

  • perseus777
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    edited March 2013
    Nissim wrote on March 27 2013, 9:14 AM: »

    The card does have a 4-digit PIN, however you would only need to use it at ATMs or when making debit transactions.


    We do plan to add Chip & PIN to the cards, and hope to have further details on that in the near future.


    I know it has PIN for ATMs. However, here in the stores, 99% of the cards require PIN validation. My card is in the other 1%. This leads to ID card showings, strange looks from the shop personal and so on slowing. Also here we have a lot of troubles with cards being copied and faked. And the cards with no chip or stores PIN protection are targen N1 and this is making me unconfortable. I also read that in a lot of the western EU countries, cards with no chip are no longer acceptable and this means that if I go traveling, most probably I have to rely on cash only!


    I saw that you "plan" to implement chip protection for a long time, but Payoneer doesn't do anythign about it.


    Is there at least a way to have PIN validation activated instores???


    It is 2013 and this sounds very strange.....

  • Nissim
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    I assure you that we are looking into this issue with a high urgency. Indeed we have been working on implementing it for some time now, as the process is very complicated and does take time.

  • perseus777
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    You didn't answer me if there is a way to activate the PIN validation in stores. I don't think this is SO hard.

  • Nissim
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    This is not determined by Payoneer, but by the merchant.


    If you choose to pay via "Credit" there will be no requirement to enter the 4-digit PIN, but you will need to sign a slip.

    If you choose to pay via "Debit" you will need to enter your 4-digit PIN.

  • kikookik
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    So i think that even if full security can't be achieved for now with 3D secure than at least Payoneer can harden the fraudsters from getting the purchase. For example :


    1 - The Payoneer card balance should be separated from account balance, for now it is automatically loaded from the account balance, i think that this feature should become optional and not default, so users can load the card from theirs accounts manually when they wants. That way, and for people afraid of frauds, the card will be loaded just before the purchase, after the purchase the card balance will became small in fact nothing important can be done with.

    2 - Give the user ability to generate a virtual card, the user can load the virtual card from the Payoneer account and purchase with it, the virtual card have fixed balance chosen by the user, so this virtual card will play a role of alternative to plastic card for online purchases.

  • Nissim
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    Both excellent suggestions, thanks!

  • TristanP
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    I would like to add that kikookik's second suggestion might, under the right circumstances (and a whole lot of engineering), be a perfect solution for giftcards. Which might, under the right circumstances (again), be a great way to invite new friends to Payoneer.

  • Ermingut
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    My card will soon expire, so I'm ready to order new one. I'm really hoping for card with chip on it. All major cards have chips on it. Sometimes I got "We do not accept cards withourt chip" note from seller and a have to ask him (or her) to try, and to sellers suprise it worked.

    So do you have any date when cards with chip will be available? I will probably  have problems paying with non-chip card in near future here in Slovenia.


  • Nissim
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    We currently do not have an ETA on when this will be available. If your card is set to expire shortly, most likely it will not be in time for this service,

  • gf2012
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    Would be very important for payoneer users and also for the company itself to add optional 3d secure to their cards.

    Online fraud is very high and increasing every day, and I would like a lot to see it implemented on my payoneer card as an extra security layer.


    Hope you add it soon and keep on the good work and great support!

  • conrey
    conrey Member Posts: 2

    I also have a problem paying on an online shop because it needs  3d security code activated. Hope this will be implemented soon enough.

  • Ivzel
    Ivzel Member Posts: 1

    I have a lot problems in online shops because all online shops in my country need 3d secure.
    Can I even dream about this feature on Payoneer?

  • andrey.chorniy
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    Any progress with 3D Secure ? It will make it so much more secure to have it, as well as SMS notification about transactions (or at least android/ios app with push notifications)

    I already lost more than 3500$ because of it's absence on my Payoneer card (I hope Mastercard disputes will help me to return it) - but.. 

  • Bagaiev
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    Nissim, on March 2013 you mentioned that you are looking into it with high urgency. Since 1.5 years passed looks like you decided not to implement it. In Ukraine and Russia most of the payments require 3d secure, and thus we are not able to use Payoneer card as "general" Master Card. Here it is just ATM card, not more than that. And it is frustrating that there isn't any fair comments from you.
  • igorium
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    Hello. It's 2017, how's progress on adding 3D secure?
    Maybe you could do it via application to save on text messages.
  • unostar
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    2018. No 3D Secure.
  • Bluegap
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    edited August 2018
    Online shops in Indonesia also need 3D secure now.
    About 7 days ago I still can use the card, and just found out yesterday I can't use it anymore.

    Please add this to debit card......... 5 years since request.......... :(
  • lukacool
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    This isn't actually protecting you in any way. even if they implement this. PayPal (I'm just making an example) is not using Verified by VISA nor 3D secure. It's up to merchant whether they want to validate card using that additional verification or not. It doesn't prevent any card misuse on Amazon or many many other sites. So, whether the merchant will use 3D secure depends on them and if the card supports it.
    I have a card with 3D secure from my local bank and I'm talking from experience. I rarely see merchant supporting 3D secure.
    The better concern for me is plastic peeling off my card after just a month of use. The card quality is terrible. The nice lady from Payoneer chat issued a new one for me free of charge which I can activate when this one becomes unusable. The main reason for this is lack of PayPass, because each time I make a payment sticking card into the reader, makes it start peeling off. People at stores handling cards don't care, and they insert it roughly as they can.
  • namp80
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    Oct 2018 and still nothing with this request.

    Even though this depends on merchant, We are unavailable to buy if the merchant do this verification. So, PLEASE ADD THIS FUNCTIONALITY or at least give us an explanation of why it hasn't been done or can't be.
  • seolinker
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    August 2019 and unfortunately still nothing. It's really a problem to pay anything online in our domestics countries. It's really everywhere today. Maybe with Amazon or Ali Express all is fine, but there are world of e-commerce outside them, I do see messages in your Help/FAQ that it will be really done soon and you need to have your primary mobile attached. Ok, so please do ASAP;) Thanks!
  • KazPayoneer
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    Thanks for your feedback.

    Like with MFA, we do hear your feedback and are submitting it to the appropriate people. Hope to be able to provide 3DSecure protection on the cards at some point.

  • seolinker
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    I do not know what MFA is here, probably something like Multi-Factor-Authorization to account of Payoneer, if so it's really here with SMS confirmation before access along with login/password. Chip also already there, it was there even in 2014 - 5 years ago. I see that card even have MasterCard PayPass which is also really cool and somewhat unexpected since my last card. But 3D Secure is kinda old feature and still not there.
  • ivanlen
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    Its incredible that this feature is still missing in Payoneer cards
  • OceanGravity
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    Do you have an ETA?> @KazPayoneer said:
    > Thanks for your feedback.
    > Like with MFA, we do hear your feedback and are submitting it to the appropriate people. Hope to be able to provide 3DSecure protection on the cards at some point.

    Do you have an ETA?
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