why - Payment waiting for approval from 2 days

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Hello sir.
I have recieved a payment at afternoon at 23/06/2017.
I waited 2 days until the payment arrived to my main payoneer account.
In Payment history says the payments are "Waiting for approval". I've read the FAQ and it says the approval time is a few hours upto 6 hours but it has been more than 2 days waiting for the approval.
I don't think the payments are that slow and I would like to know what is happening with it.
Thank you for your attention, i will be waiting for your reply. Have a nice day.

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    When a payment is made via credit card, the time for review is between 1-3 business days from the moment it has been received on your account. If you received an email on the 23 that the payment is waiting for approval, then it should take up to 2 business days but don't forget to take into consideration Friday and Saturday which are not business days.

    Also, additional information can be required by the payment department and this is why we suggest our customers to keep track of their emails in case any other info is needed to approve the payment.

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    I think it's very easy to wait 1-3 business days for the payment
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