Can I verify my payoneer account with Online NID version ?

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The Online NID version only contains a custom one page details including name, address and nid number and others. Can we provide this to verify the account ?
I didn't receive the main and solid copy from Govt. yet!
What should I do ?


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    hi,I am Arifur Rahman sumon,[email protected]
    2times I apply payoneer master card is Approved and shining date from mail to me akknowlaged delivery at last 9/7/2017, where is my approval card? shipping date is past why is that's is not sincere payoneer castomer responsibility I am very sad become past two months I am waiting for my card......
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    The cards are shipped via regular mail without any tracking number and this is why Payoneer doesn't have the possibility to track the cards. It may happen that the card get lost or sent back by the local post office of the country where the card was shipped.
    In case you haven't received your second card, you should contact directly Payoneer Customer Care to receive further assistance.

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