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GuztsudioGuztsudio Member Posts: 1
I have created account on payoneer and its a local bank transfer account, I signed up from shutterstock. Could I change Account Type to the debit card? if it possible I would like to ask something before make a decision, is there has a yearly fee ? (Shutterstock master card)


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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • charlesjmc1705charlesjmc1705 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Mr Adam! I have an issue here. I use to receive my payment in the same day from the same company. Last Thursday they sent me my payment.
    Payment ID: 54749283
    Why my payment is still under review before approval. That process can't work like that even though i already submit my identity and you already verified it. How long it will take for loading the payment. that's no good. I used to receive my payment in the same day or 1 hour from the same company. Please how can you help me
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