BNI MADAGASCAR SCAM and blocking your money

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To Malagasy payoneer's users, please be carefull using the card. Pretending network problem and pretending troubles with payoneer. BNI CA Madagascar  ATM take the amount in your account and not give you cach. They are blocked money for 10 or more days and you can't do nothing. 1st time they said , it was because of BNI network failure. 2nd time They said ,"there is probably some problem with your US accound payoneer" , that's wrong because i use payoneer during  3 years without any kind of problem and have direct access to support everytime i need help. 

Be carefull friends


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    Hi, it seem that lot of online payment are rejected by malagasy banks since july 2016. BFV-SG is automatically rejecting Skrill and i also heard problems with Payoneer card. Have you been able to withdraw your money with Payoneer or there are still issues ?
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    Sorry didn't see you messages before. I was able to withdraw after but this problem happen sometimes , i just had same problem today and always need to wait around 10 days to have the funds back
  • herizoherizo Member Posts: 32 ✭✭
    for the last error wednesday, they effectively charged my card. Will need to claim but i have a very little hope to have my money back.
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    feedback for friends who may have same problem in the future. 

    BNI CA refunded after around 10 days, this delay may vary per case . 

    Another bank accept payoneer card (BFV SG) . Also had ATM issue because there was not enought funds inside the ATM .but they returned the funds in less 72 H  (at the validation date ).. Kind of immediat refund.

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    Now, Can we withdraw funds without issue using BNI ATM with payoneer Mastercard ?
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