Request a new Payoneer Prepaid Card

Reference Number: 161101-003587
Reference Number: 161103-005782
email  and no answer, why?

To request a new Payoneer Prepaid Card please log in to your Payoneer Account, where you will see a message advising you that your card has expired. Click on the message and follow the on-screen instructions to request a new card. 

I dont have option to request a new card!


  • bgstudiobgstudio Posts: 6Member ✭✭
     >> your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card was shipped
    Thank You!
  • tanya_gandatanya_ganda Posts: 1Member
    is it possible to get a new payoneer account? i already have an account but due to my account has been compromised they blocked my card..and based on the observation here in the forum it will take long time before they be able to settle my account. so is that possible if i get a new card instead?
  • haridasgainbabuharidasgainbabu Posts: 5Member
    Name haridas gain, email [email protected],date of birth 4/5/1980,street 303,post paikgacha 9280,district Khulna, Bangladesh. I want a payoneer master card. So please write it to order and send me as soon as possible.My I. D number is 22528393.
    Haridas gain.
    H. G babu
  • I don't have option to request for a card
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