Airbnb Payment with card charged with 24% fee!!

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I recently booked an Airbnb room with my Payoneer card (My money is in EUR). Airbnb told me that the card's currency is in GBP, which was weird, but I still paid in GBP anyway.
Now, the payment was 582 GBP, The market rate from Mastercard is 1 GBP = 1.126 EUR, which means 582 GBP = 655 EUR. I know there's a 3.5% conversion fee from Payoneer, which if applied to that amount, would mean I should expect about 680 EUR to be withdrawn. When I saw the transaction in my account, it was converted to 812.7 EUR, which is 24% MORE than the market rate. Can anyone explain what the hell just happened? This is plain robbery, and I can't let it happen.


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    Note: The payment is pre-authorization, but still, it's shown on the Payoneer site as 582 GBP, so I need to know where that 24% charge came from.
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    Hi there,

    In order for Payoneer to further look into this matter, contact Payoneer Support by clicking here.

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    The customer support told me there's a 20% 'holding fee' charged by Airbnb, that will be released in a month. Airbnb told me they know nothing about such fees, and all their fees were included in the 582 GBP. They said that those 'fees' were charged by my bank (Payoneer), not them.
  • Some merchants' agreements with MasterCard allow them to pre-authorize an additional 20%-25% of the original amount, especially for car rental, lodging (hotels/vacation rentals etc.) and restaurant transactions. the amount is held before being released back to your available balance (the number of days depends on the merchant type). This is done in order to verify that there is sufficient funds to pay for the transaction.

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    Same here. The amount presented in Payoneer pending authorizations is 20% bigger than the original one...
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    I just run into the same issue! Very angry
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    After 6 hours the sum was automatically changed to correct value
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    Hello, everyone. @avsheniuk , @mohamed3on
    Did anyone resolved problem?
    @Alex_privalov did you have a problem with rent flat as well? or your problem is about something else (car, lodging, etc)?
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