Withdrawing funds from my Payoneer account directly to my bank

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Hi! I applied for Global Bank Transfer but I was wondering why there was an email upon approval of my account that my prepaid card is being shipped. The prepaid card already arrived.

I linked a bank account to Payoneer and it has been approved. However, everytime I click the "Withdraw to bank", the only account I see is the Payoneer prepaid card account with a note: "You must activate your card in order to perform this operation".

I supposed, my bank account shall also appear there as one of the options that I can choose because its status is already "approved". And if its an online fund transfer, do I still need to activate my card to do the transfer when in fact it's an online fund transfer?

I am looking forward to hear from you regarding this matter. Thank you!


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    Hey @irishjane

    It sounds like you have an account that enables you to withdraw to bank only with an enabled, activated card. You can change this by contacting the Payoneer support team to see if the withdrawal to bank can be your default option for accessing your funds.

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    Thank you @Sarah_Payoneer :)
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