can't shop online

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I can't make an online payment (to buy a ourse from udacity) using my mastercard, they say "invalid credit card"


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  • ashraf_sabry_mashraf_sabry_m Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem too. Please help. I can't use my card to pay bills online
  • mobydimkmobydimk Member Posts: 3
    Same problem here. Can't do purchase at
    Last success purchase was 4-5 days ago, not sure why I can't pay now.
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    The Payoneer prepaid Mastercard is a debit card, unlike credit cards, prepaid cards must be pre-loaded with funds so it can be used to complete purchases.

    If the balance on your card is sufficient to cover the amount of the transaction, you should also make sure the merchant accepts debit cards.

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