Missing information, please contact Customer Support -- when can Payoneer solve this ?

itrsitrs Posts: 2Member
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Hi All,

I'm waiting for payer for the funds but found this message "Missing information, please contact Customer Support"

I tried to contact support and provided information requested by system.
My payer also provided their certificate of incorparation document days a ago.

Then .. no any response at all since then.


  • itrsitrs Posts: 2Member
    Is there any action I can take except for waiting for nothing ?
    Can I request for refund money to payer then we can go with PayPal ?
  • Cristale_PayoneerCristale_Payoneer Posts: 1,277Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    It usually take a few business days for the documents you provide to be reviewed by our payment department after which an email is sent to keep you updated of the status of the payment.

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