Warning, Currently the service does not support domestic payments

MauricioBentoMauricioBento Posts: 1Confirm Email, Member
Do you know what this message means?
"Currently the service does not support domestic payments"


  • oscarg798oscarg798 Posts: 1Confirm Email, Member
    I got the same problem here, I can not request a payment do not know why
  • fueangfafueangfa Posts: 6Member
  • TrinibajanTrinibajan Posts: 4Member
    I just finished a chat session with their support and they apparently made changes on 03/26. I asked why wasn't I notified, their response was when the transaction is declined I would be informed. I'm so confused and lost right now. They have completely eliminated the option for companies that reside in my country to pay me. Not sure what my next move is!
  • fueangfafueangfa Posts: 6Member
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