I have my transaction but I cant get it

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How can i get my payout if I have my transaction and it said completef?


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    Hi @jhoanna it can be that a document is missing to approve the payment. In that case, an email should have been sent to you to require the necessary information. But in case you did not receive anything, you can always contact our support in order to verify why the payment hasn't been loaded. A representative will verify the details on your account and personally assist.

  • jhoannajhoanna Member Posts: 2
    Well, the transaction has been completed but in my bank account there is nothing yet there. What should I do? Its been 6 days
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    The transfer time is usually up to 5 business days meaning that Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days. In case the payment has not been loaded within those days, please contact the support directly and your inquiry will be transferred to the department that handles delays with payment transfers.

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