how can I change my Payoneer account number I imputed in patreon?

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I imputed a Payoneer account number on patreon some time back and it did not work so I switched to PayPal. Now I wish to change back but patreon does not allow me to change what I imputed and says it can only be done from Payoneer. Does any one know how this can be done?


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    Dear @Mfonemana

    Please contact our support directly in order to have this inquiry reviewed by our representative and better assist regarding your request.

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    Already done that. I get automated response each time so I went to Payoneer twitter to have a direct chat. They asked for some information and I've not heard back ever since.
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    Ok, it is ok because the communication through social media channels is not always instantaneous but they do reply. Also when you get an automated response, you can simply reply back with your inquiry and our representative will assist.

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