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... for much longer than usual?
Hi there,

Today I received a private load from a client at 2:50pm, and it's still showing as "Payment waiting for approval" at 8:20pm. Normally when a client sends me a payment it's approved within an hour or two max. I'm wondering why this one is still pending?

Accounts associated with this card:

and the email address on the account is the same as the one on my forum profile here :)

Also, if its not approved until gone midnight, does that mean it will be two working days from tomorrow before its loaded to my account, or does it still load within 2 days from the date the payment was sent?

Thanks in advance!


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    As you mentioned, we try to have payments reviewed as quickly as possible. I don't see any problem on the account, so once the payment is reviewed you will receive an e-mail confirmation with further details (including estimated load date).
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    OK Thanks - it's still not reviewed, coming up on 24 hours now since the payment was sent to me :(

    Should it take that long?
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    It has now loaded. Thanks.

    IT will take 3 business days in total (5 days altogether as we now have the weekend inbetween as it took 24 hours for processing) for the funds to hit my account though. Not the two mentioned.
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