Payment Requests approved but payment still Pending

faisalriazfaisalriaz Member Posts: 4
Made two payment requests this month after receiving new card, both payments are marked PAYMENT APPROVED but not loading in my card after passage of 12 days. Payoneer CS is not helping just telling me to wait and wait. Is anybody else facing same issue.


  • Sumit_79Sumit_79 Member Posts: 5
    I am also facing this problem. No solution at all. CS is not helping me either. They are just telling me to wait.
  • faisalriazfaisalriaz Member Posts: 4
    I have made two payment requests from my account, both are approved and paid by the client, but after the period of almost 12-14 days they are not in my account, still showing payment pending.
  • faisalriazfaisalriaz Member Posts: 4
    in my case in last chat they told me to wait for weeks, literally what you people are thinking, we have to wait weeks for clearing our payments now.
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